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Your family’s team of 24/7 on-demand Pediatricians

Chat, call, or video with Pediatricians as often as you want with $0 visit fees.

The quality care your children deserve

Care & treatment
in minutes

ZzPeds provides advice, care, and prescriptions when necessary in minutes.

Care & treatment
in minutes

Kids don’t get sick when it’s convenient. Our Pediatricians respond day and night, even at 2am Christmas eve.

Care & treatment
in minutes

There are no additional fees. Talk with your Pediatric team as often as you’d like.

Get clinic-level care from home with the ZzPeds kit

We send every ZzPeds family an at-home kit that collects vitals, images, and video wherever you are.

Your Pediatricians can use data from the kit to quickly diagnose and treat many childhood illnesses from your phone or computer.

Never be alone when caring for a sick child

ZzPeds makes talking to Pediatricians as easy as talking to friends - it feels just like having a Pediatrician in the family.

“This has been the most convenient, helpful, time-saving way to get advice and care for my kids.”


Get exceptional care 24/7 from anywhere

Ask Pediatricians,
not the internet

ZzPeds is not a nurse line - you’ll always get treatment from Doctors.

Turn your home into a personal urgent care

The ZzPeds at-home kit collects the same vitals as an urgent care.

Talk with doctors all day, not just for 15 minutes

Your team of Pediatricians is with you throughout your child’s illness, day and night.

Give your family access to exceptional care

For just $12/week, your all-inclusive ZzPeds membership provides:
  • Unlimited Visits and Messaging with No Additional Fees
  • 24/7 Access To Pediatricians
  • At-Home Testing Kit
  • ​Care For ALL of Your Children